AQUALUX™ Shower Filter
AQUALUX™ Shower Filter
AQUALUX™ Shower Filter
AQUALUX™ Shower Filter
AQUALUX™ Shower Filter
AQUALUX™ Shower Filter

AQUALUX™ Shower Filter

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Do you suffer from dandruff, hair loss or atopic and dry skin?

Did you know that often these problems are caused by impure and chemical-rich shower water that our skin is exposed to every day?

To fight the problems, we have created the minimalist AQUALUX shower filter that offers purified water for your skin and hair.

The filter effectively reduces harmful ingredients such as chlorine, metals and chemicals from the water — this especially helps those with atopic, sensitive or damaged skin and dandruff.

The filter also releases vitamin C into the water, which lowers the water's pH to a natural level (4.7-5.5). This brings vitality to the hair and skin and they do not dry out so easily.

The filter is elegantly designed and easy to attach to almost all shower models in just a couple of seconds.

The manufacturing material is aluminum — does not break or wear out in use, as is the case with filters made of plastic. You just have to change the filter inside the frame at regular intervals (see below for more information).

Not sure if the filter is suitable for your shower? You can send a picture of your own shower as an attachment to the email below, and our customer service will help:

Often the root cause of dandruff and dry skin is hard and chemical-rich shower water in cities. Because of this, constantly greasing the skin or using a dandruff shampoo rarely brings a permanent improvement to the problem.

Water acidity is caused by cities raising the pH value of the water coming from the water pipes, as it helps the water pipes last longer and prevents corrosion.

However, this is not a good thing for the well-being of our hair and skin.

The high pH, chemicals and hardness of the water dry the skin and hair, and cause the pores to clog more easily than neutral and clean water.

The vitamin C contained in the AQUALUX shower filter lowers the pH value of the water to a neutral level, which helps the skin and hair to be strong.

In addition to this, the AQUALUX shower filter removes from the water:

- lime
- chlorine
- heavy metals
- smells and tastes
- drug and hormone residues
- iron and rust
- copper

The filter also significantly prevents calcification and staining of bathroom surfaces.

The filter shell is made of aluminum and 70% less plastic is used to make it than other manufacturers' products.

The filter takes about two minutes to install and is ready to use right away — no tools required.

Other benefits:

- Makes hair soft and shiny.

- Filters the metals and chemicals from the water that cause blonde hair to turn greenish and yellow.

- The color of bleached hair stays on the head longer.

- May bring help to dry and flaky scalp.

1. The large debris coming off the water pipes are filtered out of the water.

2. Activated carbon binds impurities.

3. Calcium sulfate reduces the adverse effects of lime.

4. Vitamin C lowers the pH value of the water closer to a safe level for the skin and hair.

5. KDF-55, or the oxidation-reduction reaction, neutralizes water impurities and removes most of the chlorine in the water.

The package itself contains the aluminum body of the filter, the filter cartridge and instructions for use.

About 13,000 liters of water can pass through one filter, which means:

3 months in a household of 3 people

4 months in a household of 2 people

6 months in a 1 person household

Installation is simple and takes about two minutes. No need for HVAC training!

1. Remove the plastic covers of the filter.

2. Remove the shower hose from the faucet.

3. Connect the filter to the faucet.

4. Attach the shower hose to the bottom of the filter.

5. Let the water run for at least 30 seconds.

6. The filter is ready for use!

If the filter does not fit your faucet or you are simply not satisfied with it, you can conveniently return the product at no additional cost within 90 days of ordering and get your money back.

So you get 90 days to test the filter risk-free! 😊

If you want to return your filter, our customer service will help you with this:


Note The product must be in salable condition and similar to new.

Offer your skin and hair only the best

Have you ever noticed the difference in your skin and hair after, for example, a cabin trip?

The cause is probably found in the shower water in your home.

Chlorine is added to municipal water to disinfect and kill bacteria, but it is not good for our skin or hair. Metals are also released from the pipes into the water.

The AQUALUX shower filter was created to remove chlorine and heavy metals from the shower water, so that your skin and hair feel good.

Chlorine absorbs moisture from the hair and dries the scalp

Even though swimming pools are fun to hang out in, you probably know that feeling when you get out of the pool — your hair dries out and your skin tightens?

Chlorine strips your hair and scalp of natural oils, and the same happens in your shower. The substances contained in water make your hair dry and break.

All this leads to hair fragility, dryness, frizziness, split ends and roughness.

Metal residues, lime and chlorine color the hair

Dyeing your hair at a hair salon is not a cheap investment. If you dye your hair, you know how important it is to take care of the permanence of the color by using, for example, a color-protecting shampoo or conditioner.

Shower water containing chlorine and chemicals can cause a change in colored hair, making it darker, yellowish or greenish.

Customer experiences


A must have for those living in Helsinki.

Helsinki, Finland

You can see the difference especially in the hair. Installation was easy and was done without tools.

Oulu, Finland

The water in the Turku region has previously caused dandruff. Whenever I spent a week or two in the countryside, my hair became shiny and healthy. After the filter, the dandruff problems disappeared completely.

Turku Finland

Fast delivery and the filter works as it should.

Lahti, Finland

Frequently asked Questions

The device cleans the shower water using five different steps:

In the first stage, the water passes through a metal filter, which retains the largest debris from the water pipes.

In the second step, activated carbon binds impurities.

In the third step, calcium sulfate reduces the adverse effects of lime.

In the fourth step, the device adds vitamin C to the water, which lowers the water's pH closer to a safe level for the skin and hair.

In the fifth stage, the oxidation-reduction reaction (KDF-55) neutralizes water impurities and removes chlorine from the water.

Below are two studies on the effectiveness of the KDF-55 process in water filtration:

> Study 1

> Study 2

All our devices have a filter ready. So you can use it directly.

You can email us at:


Wherever you need help, we are happy to help!

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If for some reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, you have 90 days to return the product and get your money back 😊

Contact us at the email below and we will help you with the matter:


We have made returns easy, but we recommend that you also familiarize yourself with our terms and conditions.

AQUALUX™ replacement filter

AQUALUX™ replacement filter

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You can add the replacement filter to your shopping cart with your order at a discounted price.

About 13,000 liters of water can pass through one filter, which means that one filter lasts about:

  • 3 months in a household of 3 people
  • 4 months in a household of 2 people
  • 6 months in a household of 1 person